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Diabetic Tales: Entry Thirty-Six

Just had one of those lows where you end up tears for no reason.

Luckily, no one saw it and I managed to sort myself out.

However, I still feel embarrassed.

That’s how bad these things get: I get embarrassed despite the fact that no one has seen. FML.

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A Brief Encounter

I am sitting on a park bench. It’s a sunny day and it would be warm, if it wasn’t for the wind that insists on making an appearance. Grand old oak trees surround me, as well as numerous shrubs that are decorated with red and pink flowers. It’s pretty, in a way.

The bench that I am sitting on isn’t hidden by any form of foliage, but no one sees me. They never do, until it’s too late.

My client should be arriving soon. I’ve been waiting for our first meeting for a number of weeks, but he’s succeeded in rescheduling far too many times. Not today. I am getting my meeting.

For the past few minutes, I have been watching a squirrel dart about, looking for something – a nut, I presume. My eyes follow it as it bounds across the grass and up the trunk of a tree. Then I catch a glimpse of him: the man I have been waiting for.

He is old – must be in his late-seventies, at least. A pair of thick glasses sits on his nose. There is no hair left on his head.  His shoulders are slumped, giving him the appearance of a hunchback. He wears what appears to be a home-knitted cardigan, most likely made by his wife, who has linked her arm through his.

She looks a little younger than her husband. Her bushy hair is a steel grey colour, contrasted by her warm brown eyes. Every couple of minutes or so, she casts a worried glance at her husband, checking that he is okay. She must be aware that it could happen at any minute.

Getting up from the bench, I make my way over to the couple. They do not see me, but I am positive that my client can feel my presence: his eyes have widened ever so slightly. His wife looks at him again and asks if he’s all right.

For a split second, I hesitate; it’s always worse when there are people there to witness it. But no, I cannot let this encounter pass me by. I have been waiting too long. With a click of my fingers, it starts.

The man places his hand on his chest. He opens his mouth in an attempt to ask for help, but he can merely gasp through the pain. He’ll be feeling tightness in his chest and experiencing shooting pains up and down his left arm. His wife starts to sob and calls for help as she helps her husband sit down.

I turn my back and go on my way. I don’t have time to observe the chaos I have created. Death is busy and cannot be kept at bay forever.  

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Diabetic Tales: Entry Thirty-Five

So I finished my university course today!

It’s very weird, knowing that I won’t be back in education in September, but it’s sorta nice, too. I want to earn MONEY.

I had a battered sausage and chips from the chip shop, earlier. It was grand, but OMG, I got so full. My thought process was similar to: “Must inject… Must…inject… One more chip… Inject!”

Not been able to test my scores in, like, a week, either. Starting to get to that “I feel lost without them!” stage. It’s not good!

However, it won’t stop from opening the bag of Cadbury’s Giant Buttons I bought earlier.

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YES! A thousand times, yes!
Plus, I hand in all my uni work today, so I think a bag of cookies is a worthy treat for someone who’s just finished their degree.

YES! A thousand times, yes!

Plus, I hand in all my uni work today, so I think a bag of cookies is a worthy treat for someone who’s just finished their degree.

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What even is she?!



What even is she?!

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